Jerusalem Posts Exceptional Travel Growth In New Report

More people than ever before are booking a trip to Jerusalem. According to a new report put out by Euromonitor International, arrivals to Israel’s “Holy City” increased by almost 40 percent in 2018 reaching a whopping 4.8 million.

Leaders in Israel’s tourism department said they were honored to be listed as one of the new top tourism destinations. When asked for the secret behind Jerusalem’s fantastic numbers, travel analysts said it’s a combination of strong advertising and high security.

In addition to the Euromonitor International poll, Jerusalem also enjoyed a positive review a recent edition of the magazine Travel + Leisure. Global travelers from around the world praised the ease of transport around Jerusalem as well as the city’s many hotels and restaurants.

Most people who travel to Jerusalem, of course, are interested in visiting the city’s many religious sites. A few extremely popular sites tourists can visit in Jerusalem include the Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Mount of Olives.

The only city that came close to matching Jerusalem’s 2018 gains was Chennai, India, which posted a 30 percent rise in inbound tourism traffic. Indeed, most of the cities with significantly higher inbound travel numbers are in India.

Overall, Euromonitor reports that inbound travel around the world grew an average of five percent in 2018. Most of the fastest growing cities for inbound travel are in Asia, with Hong Kong holding the title for the most arrivals in 2018.

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