Warning for women to travel:

Traveling can be a very fun experience but traveling also requires you to be cautious and aware of all of your surroundings. There have been many cases where he travelers and tourists become lost and some have had fatal endings because they were not aware of their surroundings.
The federal government has stated that there are some destinations were women should not to travel to, especially they are traveling alone. In many cases, it is unfortunate to say that woman who travel alone can be targets to many different terrible scenarios. There is always a sex trafficking that is a concern, and this is why it is important for women to understand that it is better to travel with someone or at least to be well informed.
Mexico has been stated to be a country where women should not be traveling alone. There is a lot of a drug violence and violence in general that can create an unsafe environment for any person. Other destinations that are unsafe for women to travel alone include: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and even the Bahamas. It is important to be aware of this sort of information to create awareness and to prevent any woman from entering and I am a safe environment and getting hurt.