Canadian Traveler’s
Canada, a vast country with beautiful scenery, its a place tourist frequent and travelers go on vacation. Though the country is much bigger than the US and offer’s gorgeous sights and fun activities, even Canadian’s like to travel elsewhere and explore. There are some places that they should avoid, if not in whole then in part. here is a few places Canadian’s might want to cross off their bucket list, at least for the moment. The Government in Canada has put an advisory for those looking to visit Ukraine. With members of the Russian military taking control of certain cities within Ukraine, the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine has very little control at the moment, limiting access to travelers planning on visiting. It’s not a good or bad idea to visit the USA, more specifically Alaska, those planning on taking a trip should prepare for certain limitations though. Alaska was just recently hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake close to Anchorage. If planning on traveling anyway, it would be a good idea to keep track of local weather anomalies which could delay flights or put a damper on activities once arrived. One area that Canadian’s should avoid entirely is the country of Haiti, it is advised that all non essential travel be highly avoided due to the outbreak of the Zika Virus, If the trip must be made then it is highly regarded a person consult their local doctor before making the trip.

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