Safe travels

Backpacking abroad has become a rather hot trend among many of today’s millennial’s, it is a great way to stay in shape and poses several unique off road activities that can only be accessed by walking a trudging through tough terrain. Just because your on foot, doesn’t mean you are safe. Danger’s lurk around every corner, it could come from animals or unexpected weather phenomenon, or even people.

When backpacking in unfamiliar territory, its always a good idea to be part of a group. Prepare for the worst, bring extra supplies, carry a map on your person at all times and a compass, bring a fire starter and a way to defend yourself just in case a situation arises that poses danger to your life. With all the kidnapping’s and murder’s happening as of late, it is a good idea to leave breadcrumbs as to where you are going and when you are expected back, carry a cellular phone with you, preferably one that works using a satellite that way even when you have no bars, you might still be able to reach help. It is important to support and rely on a buddy system, If something unexpected occurs and you are in a situation where you can not get to help, your buddy might be able to find someone or be able to contact local emergency services. It is also important not to venture out with someone you barely know or someone you are weary of, if you feel uncomfortable with them, its best to go with someone else or cancel the trip entirely, backpacking may be fun but it’s not worth your life.

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